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Sc Industrial design

ette ferklov

Designed in collaboration with: Pernille Woller, Matilde Hertz, Sara Harriet Pedersen, Line Hoff, Lea Maria Klaaborg.


ShowHow - Design week 2009

Card Board Book  - 2010

RUM  - 2009

ecochair was 2010 published in the Card Board Book, the pictures are taken by the design team. 

ecochair was publiched in the danish lifestyle magazine RUM.

ecochair was displayed as a lounge chair at ShowHow, Design week 2009.

ecochair is a multifunctional cardboard chair. It was developed as part of a competition to design a small green multifunctional funiture for young people. ecochair was rewarded “BEST IDEA” innovation cup 09.

BEST IDEA - innovation cup 09